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8 thoughts on “ Convex - Marcelo dos Reis / Angélica V. Salvi - Concentric Rinds (CD, Album)

  1. B+(**) [cd] Marcelo Dos Reis/Angélica V. Salvi: Concentric Rinds ( [], Cipsela): Guitar and harp, both trying their hand at prepared instruments, at least for part of this. Makes for some surprising sounds, and they keep the pace so moderate they can't possibly throw you off.
  2. Maria Reis - Chove Na Sala, Água Nos Olhos - 10" € € Tribe - Hometown: Detroit Sessions - CD € € dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS / Parpar - dUASsEMIcOLCHEIASiNVERTIDAS / Parpar - LP € €.
  3. Información sobre el ejecutivo ANGELA SALVI LLOVERAS. Los datos ofrecidos son una muestra del informe completo en el que se incluye información comercial y profesional.
  4. Guitarist Marcelo Dos Reis and harpist Angélica V. Salvi have worked together in a variety of contexts, though Concentric Rinds is their first duo recording. Salvi is Spanish and lives in Portugal, and has performed solo and in chamber ensembles as well as a body-music duo with a masseuse.
  5. Standby album was released late April 09 In Josh started writing and singing for a solo project that will eventually become I Will Never Be The Same, with the love of huge and epic rock sounds, spacey synth lines, and personal but apocalyptic lyrics.
  6. Shatner's Bassoon, The Self-Titled Album Shansa Barsnaan (Wasp Millionaire) 9 (1) Side A, Marcelo dos Reis & Angélica V. Salvi, Concentric Rinds (Cipsela) 1 (1) the number in parentheses is the tally of ballots on which a CD appeared, which was used as a tiebreaker.
  7. Luis Vicente, Marcelo dos Reis, Valentin Ceccaldi, Theo Ceccaldi - Chamber 4 Marcelo dos Reis & Angélica V. Salvi - Concentric Rinds‏ WOW!! This two albums are just two great works edited this year! Fine music and great experiences. Hope they make it to final list.
  8. Jan 07,  · Marcelo dos Reis & Angélica V. Salvi – Concentric Rinds‏ (Cipsela) Cortex – Live! (Clean Feed)-This Norwegian quintet plays ‘classic’ free jazz with vim and vigor, and live they are just on fire. Ken Vandermark & Nate Wooley – East by Northwest (Audiographic) Joe McPhee and Paal Nilssen-Love – Candy (PnL).

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